Games vary in style and scope. Some simple and short, some take months or years to complete. Some are placed in historical battles and some in science fiction universes.

The first thing which was so impressive to me was the deep commitment that they have to their creations. While this is a hobby, they literally have thousands upon thousands of miniatures that they've hand painted, individually, as well as hundreds of pieces of scenic buildings, towers, fences, trees, and anything else you can think of on the battle field.

The second thing was the fact that these are classic Brooklyn guys, ages 25-65, with non-member's being son' s and kids coming as young as 15. Obviously there's a strong dose of nerdy at the club, but there's a mix of types of people and cultures in here all with a common bond.

The president and vice presidents of the club are interesting enough but it's really some of the other guys that really pop. The one founding member I met was probably in his mid to late 60's, one of three remaining founding members. Another, was from the mediterranean and the first thing he did when moving to New York was look up gaming clubs and found this one. He just became an official member last week.

There's actually quite an interesting structure to the way the club works with members being voted in, a core group of leaders with elections as well. And at least 35-40 key carrying club members, all with 24 hour access.